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Squash has oddly satisfying animation and sound.

Part 2. Free Desktop PDF Compressor for Mac - PDFwriter

Once you've tried it, you'll be hooked! Overwrite your original files, or add a custom suffix to the filenames, the choice is yours. Squash allows you to tweak the level of compression to get the best from your images. Watch these videos to learn how to compress and convert many types of files with Squash for Mac. MacFormat Magazine. We're so confident that Squash is the best all round utility for compressing and converting images, we've put together a comparison chart so you can see for yourself.

Squash has a beautifully designed UI, coupled with stunning sound and animation. Compressing images has never been this fun. If you're building a websites you need to make sure your images are as small as possible. If your website takes too long to load, potential customers will quickly move on.

No one likes to receive huge attachments via email, especially when some hosts even reject them. Use Squash to reduce the file size to ensure safe delivery. The Mac saves screenshots as PNGs, but these are too big to quickly share online. Drop screenshots onto Squash and it will automatically convert them into JPGs.

In a hurry and need to send a psd file to a client, but don't have time to launch Photoshop? Just drop it onto Squash and it'll be converted and ready to send in seconds. Don't waste your time or bandwidth waiting for uploads. Compress your images for faster uploading before you share them on Facebook, Twitter, or Slack.

Best Free Image Compressor for Mac : ImageOptim

Unlike many other free compression apps, Squash is updated and maintained by a professional team, meaning it will always be updated to work with the latest release of macOS. Squash is a beautiful little utility for your Mac. Download Trial Release Notes. RapidWeaver Squash. RW Community Forum. Blog Newsletter realmacsoftware rapidweaver YouTube.

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Squash 2 for Mac. Compress Images for Faster Loading Websites. Buy Now.

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Requires Mac OS X The sweetest Image Compression App on the Mac. Distributed encoding features are part of Compressor, with no need for a separate application. Encode jobs without dedicated hardware by using preconfigured groups of Mac computers on your network.

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The Shared Computers feature sets up clusters of encoding nodes based on the availability of designated computers. Choose from thousands of customised transitions, titles and motion graphics. Learn more. Unleash your creative potential with the Pro Apps Bundle for qualifying university students, teachers and education institutions.

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ImageAlpha — image minifier (like JPEG with transparency!)

Final Cut Pro X. Buy Final Cut Pro X.

Compressor Powerful encoding. Interface Performance Customised Settings. Support for industry standards. Closed Captions Easily view, adjust and export closed captions, with the ability to import caption files — even in multiple languages — into a single batch or iTunes Store Package. Pristine format conversions. Add Content Easily import and organise your movie, trailer, closed captions and subtitles.

Audition Audition video with any audio, caption or subtitle to verify sync. Package Collect all your assets in an iTunes Store Package, with the option to use your ProRes video and source audio files without additional compression. Accessibility Enhance the movie-watching experience for viewers with vision or hearing impairments. Distributed encoding.

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Built into Compressor Distributed encoding features are part of Compressor, with no need for a separate application. Shared Computers Encode jobs without dedicated hardware by using preconfigured groups of Mac computers on your network. Five amazing apps. One powerful collection.