How to Test Hard Drive Speed on a Mac?

Why should I benchmark the performance of my disks? Most newer MacBooks and iMacs come with solid state hard drives which are incredibly fast atleast when running normally. Using DiskMark you can see if the performance deteriorates due to age or due to bloatware on your system.

Best 3 SSD Tools for Mac to Maintain SSD Drive.

Your external hard disks and flash drives might have multiple factors affecting their performance which should be monitored closely. The single most important thing you should do is ensure you are using USB 3.

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Newer technologies such as UASP are coming out often that squeeze out every last ounce of performance out of your external storage devices. What are sequential speeds? Tech News. You think you might need to upgrade your Mac, but how do you know for sure?

Trim Enabler 4: Enable Trim And Maximize Your Mac SSD Performance

Using benchmark tests can help you make that decision. By comparing the data from your system with other computers, you can see which areas your Mac falls short in. By changing some of your computing habits, you could improve its performance.

These 7 big mistakes can slow down your Mac. This is a hint that you might need to clean up some of your files or add more RAM.


Just remember to close all open apps before trying any of these tests. When you open Geekbench, a small screen appears that prompts you to choose your processor architecture.

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  • After making your selection and hitting Run Benchmarks , the test will begin. The free version displays your results in a browser. A higher score means more efficiency. Check out the Geekbench Browser to compare your results to other Macs.


    A low score can be a sign that you need to upgrade your Mac. Download : Geekbench Free, premium version available.

    Mac Mini SSD vs HDD

    Are you curious about how fast your new SSD is? Blackmagic Disk Speed Test can help. More specifically, this tool lets you know how fast your drive can read or write a file.

    1. Geekbench 4

    The app is pretty simple to use. After changing the test settings, click Speed Test Start to begin the test. The two large gauges will tell you all the information you need. A black screen will appear that slowly fills up with pieces to create a whole image. The faster your computer loads the image, the better your score. It checks how well your graphics card can handle a 3D scene in OpenGL mode.