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Old mac runs it fine. So how do we get support? Thanks for using Box, and we look forward to helping you resolve this issue!

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Logged a support call yesterday. No response as yet. I appreciate your time! First-time Contributor. I hope can help you. New solutions. If you have an Android phone read this article on how to sync iCloud with Google Contacts. This is a beautiful combination and superior to Notes in many ways. For more info see here. I find it handy to have 2 separate Notes apps. My Notational Velocity currently has notes in it: song lists, research material, bits of computer code and so on. I have a much smaller set of notes about 10 that I sync with my wife.

For this I use the built in notes app synced over iCloud to both our phones.

Sync files with OneDrive on Mac OS X

She would be overwhelmed with all my other notes! Therefore Notes only has a few files, eg house cleaning plan, lists of presents, our shopping list.

Sync files between Macs with iCloud

When I go shopping my wife can add items from home while I am shopping and I will notice them in the shopping list! What iCloud does when it comes to mail is that it syncs the Mail Account information username and password etc to your iPhone. So you can enter the settigns by hand, or use iCloud to sync your settings. There are many, many other free options available. Photostream will make the last 30 days worth of photos available to any iPhone, iPad and computer up to a max of photos. To turn on Photostream over cellular phone network or check that it is in fact turned off! I have been looking for a simple app that will sync photos of receipts across from the iPhone to the computer for all purchases that I make.

This can can occur if you have configured selective sync , or if the file name contains invalid characters. The Progress tab may provide more detail. Error — a red circle with an x means that Sync is unable to sync the file or folder. Contact support if you see this. The app will display a status icon in the Windows system tray or Mac menu bar that shows overall syncing status. The Sync status icon is located in the Windows system tray or the Mac menu bar.

In sync — a check mark means all files in your Sync folder have finished syncing backed up to the cloud and are up-to-date. Indexing — a syncing icon means that the Sync app is indexing or transferring your files. Indexing means that the app is verifying that your files are in sync. When files are transferring you can view the transfer status by clicking the syncing Sync icon. Paused — a circle with minus sign means that the Sync app is paused not running. Click the icon and select Resume. If the Sync app keeps pausing contact support. Error — an alert symbol means that Sync is unable to synchronize your files and folders.

This can occur if you temporarily lose your network connection, or if you go over quota. If the Sync app is stuck in this state contact support. Desktop app settings are specific to the computer you have installed Sync on. Account-wide settings are managed exclusively from the Sync. Once Sync is installed on your computer, you can access the Sync desktop app preferences as follows:.

Run When Computer is Started — Sync automatically starts when you sign into your computer. With this option disabled you would have to manually start Sync. Enabled by default.

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Show Desktop Notifications — When multiple people are collaborating, the Sync app will display pop-up notifications, letting you know if the file has changed. Desktop notifications may also include important account, file and system notifications. Show Icon Overlays — The Sync app displays status icons over every file and folder in the Sync folder when enabled. Install Updates Automatically — Automatic updates ensure you are always running the latest version of Sync, which is recommended for security and performance.

Report Errors to Server — When the Sync app encounters an error, a notification is sent to our QA team for further review. This helps our team identify and solve issues. Change password — Change a forgotten password directly from the desktop app. This feature can be disabled.

Export a listing of all files — Click Generate to download a. CSV document listing all files in your Sync folder and Vault. This is useful for auditing everything you have in Sync. Uninstall — See the how to uninstall Sync articles for more details. Bandwidth settings — You can limit app transfer speed, which is useful if you have limited bandwidth available. Automatic is the fastest setting. Disk Cache — To improve performance, the Sync app temporarily stores file data in a hidden cache folder, located inside the Sync folder.

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The temporary cache takes up additional space on your computer and is automatically cleared from time to time. You can manually clear the cache or adjust the automatic cleanup schedule. The default proxy type is Automatic no proxy. Disabled by default. The progress tab provides file transfer details, and lists any files or folders that are not syncing. If your files are not syncing, this is a good place to start troubleshooting. The Advanced tab allows you to control which folders get synced to each computer, a feature called selective sync. Selective sync is typically used if Sync is installed on multiple computers, and you want to control which folders in your Sync folder get synchronized to each computer.

Auto-updates are enabled by default.

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