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Here are the common causes of looping restart issues, and what you need to do to fix the issues. If at all possible, try to save your MacOS settings and valuable data on an external drive when you run into this constant startup problem. Sometimes solutions require wiping your computer or other measures that will lose any locally saved information. So, before you start in-depth troubleshooting, make sure your data is secure. This confuses your Mac and can lead to repeated restarts and other issues.

The easiest way to fix all these issues is to install all available updates for MacOS that your Mac model is compatible with. Sometimes, programs and apps that you downloaded onto MacOS may be causing a problem. First, see if any third-party software needs to be independently updated. On the plus side, removing unneeded software is a good way to speed up your Mac. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to diagnose. Simply remove everything attached to your Mac — that includes mice, keyboards, drives, anything connected to your ports.

Generally, Apple devices like the Magic Mouse are fine if you need at least one device connected to use your Mac. If you can restart successful and your Mac continues to operate without incident, then you know one of the peripherals is probably at fault. Plug in one peripheral at a time and keep testing your Mac. If you find a peripheral that makes the computer crash and reboot, then you have found the issue. The best thing to do is to remove all third-party RAM uploaded to your Mac and stop using the peripheral.

It may not even allow you to access anything beyond the login screen.

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You can often fix this issue by resetting your Mac hardware settings. However, it can also fix your problem! Hold the keys down for around 20 seconds. There are a few different ways to do this based on the type of Mac that you have, so take a look at specific instructions for each case.

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In these cases, the kernel panic is rooted deep in a native operating system problem and occasionally, even hardware problems. Here, the best way to solve the problem is to reinstall MacOS. The bad news is that your data may not survive. Start with reinstalling MacOS using the linked instructions, but without fully erasing the disk first.

If you are experiencing kernel panic or nothing seems to work, contact a local Apple Store and arrange for an appointment. Likewise, if you are afraid of losing your valuable data, make a visit to an Apple Store and see what solutions they can set you up with. Sometimes these restart issues are too complex to easily deal with on your own, so getting professional help is a good idea.

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What Is the SMC in a Mac?

Computing Speed up your system by tweaking the startup application in Windows and MacOS Bothered by programs that automatically start when you boot your computer, or want to add a new one to the list? Posted 2 days ago — By Jon Martindale. Computing Windows updates shouldn't cause problems, but if they do, here's how to fix them Windows update not working? It's a more common problem than you might think. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot it and in this guide we'll break them down for you step by step.

Posted 2 days ago — By Mark Coppock. Mobile 10 common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S8, and how to fix them Despite being one of Samsung's flagship phones, some users are facing problems with the Galaxy S8. Thankfully, there are fixes and potential workarounds for those struggling. Our troubleshooting tips are easy to follow. Posted 6 days ago — By Simon Hill. Computing Is your PC slow? Funny thing, Zero. I just got a A8Js last week and am having the same darn problem.

Everything about it is perfect, but for this pointer speed reset BS. For mine, it doesn't matter if I use the touchpad or a usb mouse, still resets everytime. If you ever find a fix to this please let me know. I'll do likewise. Actually I think I have found a fix, or at least a work-around. The idea is that both Windows and Setpoint have seperate sensitivity sliders and the end result is a combination of the two so by keeping the Windows one at default you only have to worry about adjusting the Setpoint slider. This works fine with my external mouse but my trackpad only seems to use the Windows slider so this resetting was a real pain.

Anyway, I disabled it from startup and it seems that the problem is gone now, no more resetting.

macos - TrackPad Speed and Mouse Speed - Resets to slow every time - Ask Different

It did put itself back into startup with a new entry shortly after I did this but since I've disabled that one as well it hasn't shown up again. Also, some people say this file is needed to make extra buttons or scrolling work on the mouse but so far I haven't noticed any loss of functionality. Hopefully this works for you and whoever else comes across this thread.

source Nicole Distinguished. Jan 7, 1 0 18, 0.

How to Change Mouse Settings, Scroll Direction on Mac

It does! It works! I found this thread because I got fed up with it and went googling after a solution. Thank you thank you thank you! Apr 18, 1 0 18, 0. One more big thank you on this one! Both HP and Logitech kept telling me to download new drivers.

Your software is causing an error

This fix took care of it right away! So far, none of the button functions on the Logitech mouse are affected. As Nicole said, Thank you thank you thank you! Apr 22, 1 0 18, 0. You should be able to control this issue at the software level.

Click the Logitech Mouse and Keyboard Settings icon. Hope this helps!!

When Should You Reset SMC?

Jun 5, 1 0 18, 0. I am having this same issue with a Microsoft mouse.