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To do this, click on the Value X tab and:.

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Go to Major Gridlines and set the style, color and width of your vertical lines. In my example, I used a straight, grey line with a width of 1 point. Repeat the action for Minor Gridlines.

I kept the same choices as above for these as well. Go to the Axis Scale section above and use the up-down controls to increase the value for Minor Steps. In my example, I increased it to 3. After completing all the steps above, your graphic should look like this:. Now that you've formatted your timeline properly, you can apply a few styling choices to the milestones chart bubbles to make them stand out more.

To recolor all your milestones simultaneously, select any of the bubbles and go to the Style tab of the Format pane. Here, click on Fill to choose a new color.

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In my example below, I went for a dark navy blue. If you want to color the chart bubbles individually, you'll need to break down your milestones into separate series or categories. To do so, go to your project data table and:. Rename the Position row into Color 1 and then add a new line below, which will be called Size. Enter the same number in the Size cell of each milestone to keep all bubbles the same size. In my example below, I used "20" for all.


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Right beneath, insert a set of two rows for each new color category you wish to create. Once finished, to move a milestone into a new category, cut its Color 1 former Position and Size values and paste them into whichever of the newly added pairs of rows.

How To Use MS Word Meeting Minutes Template Software

Don't worry if this seems to mess up your graphic — we'll fix it right away, in step "iv. To update the graphic with the different color categories created, select the chart area, click on Edit Data References , and then drag the table select handle to include the new rows as well. Numbers will automatically generate multiple-colored bubbles for your milestones.

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  5. This means they'll all belong to the same series, and any styling changes made will apply to all of them at once, while the rest of the bubbles can be customized individually. To change the default colors generated by Numbers for your new milestone categories, select the bubble or bubbles you want to customize and use the Fill options from the Style tab. Here is how I set up the colors for my graphic:. From the same Style section, you can also apply various effects to your chart bubbles, like adding shadows or strokes.

    However, it is recommended that you keep these to a minimum to not burden your visual too much. If you want to have the exact milestone dates displayed on your graphic, select the chart area, go to the Series tab of the Format pane , and, in the Bubble Labels section, check the box in front of Values. You will then need to choose X from the dropdown menu on the right, so that the dates appear inside the chart bubbles. To change the label placement in relation to the bubbles, use the Location feature beneath Value Data Format.

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    For instance, you can:. In my example, I also removed the Legend of my timeline, by unticking its corresponding box. Customize fonts : While still in the same tab, you can change the font type, style and size for the entire chart using the options under Chart Fonts. I chose to change the style from Regular to Medium to make the text more easily readable.

    Note : You can further customize the title or text along the X axis separately by double-clicking on the desired element and then making changes from the pane that appears on the right. This template can also be modified and reused multiple times to make your meeting notes and reports uniform. This template is blue but can be modified into other color schemes depending on your company colors or branding. You can also include your logo using the Insert function on the Ribbon Menu. The template also has Quick Text scattered on various parts of the minutes template so you can easily fill out the template with the right information.

    How to take meeting minutes in minutes? Go to Modern Minutes Meeting Template. Tasks and decisions are tracked in Microsoft Planner and team members receive notifications for new tasks and approaching deadlines. Meeting materials are automatically saved in the group SharePoint site.

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